Jared & Tabatha

Tabatha reached out to me a few months before her elopement I was freaking PUMPED! I was two weeks away from eloping with my husband, and I was so happy that her & Jared would be able to experience the magic of eloping too!! She told me that she didn't want anyone there other than the preacher, the witness, the dogs and their photographer. I was all in.

Tabatha sent me photos of the space she was thinking about eloping at just outside of Clayton and I was obsessed. Her aunt owns some property on the side of a small mountain and the view from her lawn was to die for.

After we went back and forth with ideas on dresses and decor and what traditions they could keep we finally had a game plan. Tabatha found a short, beautiful, lace with eyelash fringe wedding dress and paired them with her cowboy boots. They bought bubbles for everyone for after they said their "I Do's." She found a wedding cake that they could cut after their ceremony and she had a bouquet put together. We were ready.

After the DeGraaf's did the dang thing they changed into matching sweatshirts with their last name on them, jeans, and boots and we hiked up into the woods with their fur-babies.